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Culture of Fear


‘Living In Another World’ video

A little video for ‘Living In Another World’ from the album ‘Dark Water’

‘Only With You’ video

A video of ‘Only With You’ – A mellow track from ‘Dark Water’

MJS Special on ‘The Alternative Music Show’

27th November 2011

Tune in to Penistone FM on the 27th November between 8pm and 10pm to hear James O’Neill on the ‘Alternative Music Show’ present a special programme featuring music from ‘Dark Water’ and other music by MJS. You can listen online at the Penistone FM website here.

Many thanks to James and his listeners for their valued support during the past year.

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Sticky: EssentialPop interview

MJS was interviewed for Essential Pop magazine by the beautiful Ana. You can read the online interview here to get more of an insight into the man and his music.

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Trying to keep up with all of the different social networking applications available on the internet can be a full-time occupation. But today I decided it was time to try-out Twitter and see what it has to offer, and see if it is an easier way to keep my listeners updated.

I am very much a ‘newbie’ to this, so be gentle!

Current Releases

Although not major releases, MJS has produced two albums in recent years, both experimenting with different styles and techniques.

You can listen to the full albums here.

‘Broken Reality’:

The album features 15 high quality tracks, loosely based on the theme of broken or distorted reality.

You can travel your own journey while listening to upbeat music such as ‘Way Of It All’ or the more emotional ‘I Love You’.

‘Dioscuri’: From the first idea, the album took about six months to make. During that time, the music and the concept have undergone many transformations.The music you hear on the album today is totally different to the early experiments with the Dioscuri concept.You can learn more about the ‘Dioscuri’ concept HERE.

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"MJS is undoubtedly a really talented artist. Creating textures that are enthralling, individual but also pleasing too. I think I’d describe it as reflective electronic dance music. Something you could listen to and enjoy both in a club and by yourself in quiet reflection." (Ana, EssentialPop)

"This music sucks you in like a vacuum cleaner on steroids. I am hooked!" (Brian, Las Vegas)

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